Epoxy Fiberglass Sheets

Lamitherm GFE HC Glass Epoxy Sheet is F class laminated sheet made from reinforcing material such as- E class glass fiber c1oth(desized and silane treated) and woven rovings, impregnated with thermosetting- Epoxy resin and laminated under high temperature & pressure. It has a temperature index of 155 degrees C. It is a UL Approved product in the IEEMA Electrical Insulation System ..IEISISO- Hor Thermal Class 155 (F), Under UL File No. E 318161


Type Epoxy Fiberglass Sheet
Thickness 0.5-1mm, 1.5-2mm, 2.5-3mm, 3.5-4mm
Application Industrial
Color Black, Grey, Silver, Etc..

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